Showcase learning, delight parents, grow your school.

The Parent Engagement Platform (PEP)
for school growth.


Showcase learning,
delight parents, 
grow your school.

The Parent Engagement Platform (PEP)
for school growth.

“Lernio enabled us to increase our referrals admissions by 62% by driving high quality word of mouth.”
“Lernio is the best platform we have come across in a decade. During this Covid lockdown, assignments, parent connect, fee collection, all Lernio features have come into play.”
“Excellent platform for synchronicity between parents, teachers and the school. All features are efficient, quick, easy to understand and user friendly.”

Your school growth partner.

Make Learning Visible - Showcase Progressiveness
Progressive schools often struggle to showcase their progressiveness among parents. They struggle to educate parents about the new-age teaching methods employed. Schools need to invest in making learning visible.
PEP, not ERP
Lernio is a Parent Engagement Platform (PEP) and not an ERP or a school management system. Lernio, designed by veteran educationists, is solely designed to enable schools to showcase learning and drive high-quality parent engagement leading to positive word of mouth for the school and school growth.
High Quality Parent Engagement
87% parents use Lernio everyday. This level of engagement is much higher than any parent engagement on the school's website (around 10%) or social media pages (around 35%).
Benefits of Parent Engagement
High-quality parent engagement leads to higher trust in the school's mission & curriculum, and parental delight. Which in turn drives positive word of mouth for the school, leading to referral admissions and school growth.

High quality parent engagement leads to trust and positive word of mouth

School leaders understand that 65% of all new admissions is a result of references and word of mouth of existing parents. It is important to invest in generating high quality parent engagement.

Parent delight
School control over content
Make learning visible for parent delight

Teachers share photo and videos from the classroom in a beautiful timeline. Happy parents equals trust and positive word of mouth.

Content approval system on school leader app
Share every celebration with parents

Parents never miss out on school news on Lernio, unlike the school's social media pages, which have a very low engagement rate.

Individualised auto alerts for upcoming events
Instant alerts that parents can't miss

Quickly send last minute alerts or schedule future alerts to individual parents, class or the whole school.

Send links or files with alerts
Parents pay fee via Lernio

Parents can quickly see their fee due and pay online. School leaders get live payment status of online and offline fee on their apps.

Get pending fee with a click
Individuailzed assignments for individual attention

Teachers can schedule assignments, attach worksheets or web/video links to assignments; and mark evaluations.

Send assignment to whole class, groups of students or individual student
Auto parent alert when child is absent

It takes 10 seconds for teachers to mark attendance. Immediately an alert is sent to parents of absent students.

Coordinator's app dashboard for attendance status

Parents & teachers love Lernio

Lernio had made life easy for parents and teachers across schools.  
They love using Lernio everyday bringing them smiles. 
“Lernio brings together parents, teachers and the school in a secure environment without sharing numbers.
Tanu Agarwal
Mother of 2nd & 7th graders
"I am very impressed, happy and benefitted as a mother using Lernio."
Meetalie Roy Chowdhary
Mother of a 5th grader
“Lernio is doing wonders for parents. I can check my children’s assignments & activity photos on the go.”
Mufid Ali
Father of 4th, 6th & 11th graders
“Lernio has enabled me to bring smiles to their faces. They appreciate my work and school's work so much more."
Jaya Mishra
Parents use Lernio everyday
Parents love Lernio
Parents say Lernio is easy to use

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