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High-quality parent engagement leads to parental delight and trust, generating parent advocacy or positive word-of-mouth for the school, which ultimately leads to higher referral admissions.

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“…I can actually see my kid’s activities in school. It makes me feel very happy to see her photos as it gives me a sneak peek of what she is doing in school.” – Pooja Tripathi, mother of an 8 year old

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“Lernio brings together parents, teachers and the school in a secure environment without sharing numbers.” – Tanu Agarwal, mother of a 6 year old and a 12 year old

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Delighted and engaged parents become advocates or ambassadors of the schools, generating positive word-of-mouth for the school, leading to higher referral admissions.

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“With help of this app a bond has been created between the teachers and parents which help our child in being guided at home as well.” – Bhawna Arora, mother of two (7yrs & 4yrs)

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5 ways for schools to make learning visible

Schools continuously work hard to do the best for children, employing the latest teaching methods and resources. They constantly look for ways to build children’s academic, emotional, and social skills and prepare them for the real world. However, these efforts are not displayed promptly to the parents.  Parents, on the other hand, often feel left…

Modern Marketing Trends for Schools

As schools today find the need to appeal to a diverse student-parent base, adopting new-age marketing trends has become an increasingly important task for them. Education institutions must now go to greater lengths to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Implementing successful marketing trends can help with spreading positive word of mouth recommendations, increasing enrollments, and…

The importance of parent engagement in education

The most overwhelming key to the success of a school and its students is the positive involvement of parents. Parent engagement plays a vital role in developing a positive attitude of parents towards their child’s education and the school. Parent engagement is: when parents are involved in the education of their child, they are aware…