The importance of parent engagement in education


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The most overwhelming key to the success of a school and its students is the positive involvement of parents.

Parent engagement plays a vital role in developing a positive attitude of parents towards their child’s education and the school. Parent engagement is: when parents are involved in the education of their child, they are aware of classroom activities, they understand the teaching methods employed at school and they are aware of how their child is progressing.

Various studies claim that parent engagement in schools is closely linked to higher academic achievement, enhanced social skills, and better student behaviour. 

When high-quality parent engagement happens it results in 

  • Higher parental trust in the school’s mission and teaching methods
  • Parents awareness of the child’s progress and teaching methods used at school, leading to better support for the child at home
  • Students getting fostered with a mastery orientation towards self-discipline and learning 
  • Parents having more confidence in the teachers and respect for them.

All of this ultimately leads to parent advocacy, word of mouth and new enrolments.

In today’s technologically advanced world, there are multiple platforms that allow parents to stay connected to their student’s progress beyond the traditional parent-teacher meetings and report cards. A personalised Parent Engagement Platform (PEP) is immensely helpful in building a parent’s support and trust in their child’s education and the school. Parents are able to receive information straight from teachers, access online parent portals updated in real-time and get push notifications on their mobile devices about the activities of their child. 

In one particular survey conducted by Speak Up, 62% of parents claimed that being updated every day about their child’s projects, assignments and upcoming tests is a vital feature that they can use to help their children succeed in school. By having a personalised PEP, teachers are able to do attendance, assignments, activity posts and alerts on the platform, with instant notifications to parents. When parents are informed and engaged to a higher degree, students are likely to take more responsibility for their grades. Furthermore, allowing parents to see what students are doing in real-time takes a lot of stress away from them and minimises the disconnect. 

It’s not a new concept that parents who are actively involved can positively affect their child’s educational success. It’s most certainly backed by teachers and administrators all across the world who see the results first-hand. And the benefits to the school in the form of enhanced image and enhanced trust comes as a welcome bonus. By adopting the right collaborative platform school leaders can effectively engage parents in the learning journey of their children. 

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